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Caller Insight brings easy to use and affordable web based call tracking software to businesses that previously were turned off by the competitions high priced and complicated software.

Call Reporting

Displays call data in multiple formats to help you learn from your call analytics. Detailed calls logs with caller id, date/time stamps, duration, and call recording audio show you the call by call analysis of who's calling.

Call Recording

Which you can turn on or off makes for a great way to monitor calls, employees, and measure the quality of lead generation campaigns. You can download the call audio in MP3 format.

Call Distribution

Allows you to get calls to your reps in one of many ways; Direct Forwarding, Hunt Group calling, Multi-ring, Follow Me calling, and more. Ring up to 10 numbers at once with our powerful distribution options.

Ease of Use

Our Easy To Use Dashboard Is All You Need To Manage Hundreds of Campaigns. Month to Month, No Contracts, Pay As You Go. Or Sign Up for a Free Trial!

Our Simple, Yet Powerful UI

Our call tracking platform will have you up and running in minutes with your own set of toll free and local phone numbers that you can use to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Our Features

We offer the most sophisticated Call Tracking System in the industry at a fraction of the price! Why pay more for less? Our development team is constantly improving and offering more features so that your marketing campaign can run smoothly.

Simple Web Based Interface

Our simple web based call tracking dashboard provides you with call reporting, real-time call logs, and tracking number routing and settings control.

Toll Free Numbers

We have 800, 888, 877, 866, and 855 toll free numbers available for instant provisioning in the customer dashboard.

SMS/Email Alerts

Received text message (SMS) alerts on your cell phone or email alerts when you received a call on a certain phone number or even for short calls.

Real-time reports

Real-time reports graph display call data and call paterns in a useful way.

Real-time call logs

Detailed call logs of each call that has come in. Displays caller id, date and time, duration, state, dispositions, and call recording. Easy export to Excel

Hunt Groups

Distribute calls evenly to multiple phone numbers when someone calls your call tracking numbers. You can set the amount of time between skips or disable skipping altogether.

Multi line Ring

Multi-ring allows you to ring multiple phone numbers at once when a call comes in. Who ever answers the phone first gets the call. This is a great feature for sales floors.

Website Click to Call Widget

Add a simple piece of code to your website to feature a small click to call button for your website visitors to use. When they enter their number into it, the system calls them then calls you.


If you still have questions please contact us our Customer Service Reps at (888) 313-9545

Call tracking is a service which tracks every call and all the details of those calls that come in on certain phone numbers. Toll free numbers or local numbers assigned to different advertising campaigns and creative test variations. The service provides a web based user interface where you can log in and view all the details of the inbound calls they got, compare to other campaigns or test treatments (A/B testing or Multivariate testing), and even listen to the recordings of the phone calls in MP3 format, which helps for internal quality and training purposes.
  • Track & save money on advertising that doesn't work.
  • Monitor your employee performance with call recordings.
  • Distribute calls to multiple people or locations
  • Know what's going on with SMS & email call notification
The main benefit to using call tracking is the knowledge and analytics you get. You can use this information to track different advertising campaigns or test creative’s. This allows you to assign a different number to each marketing campaign and each website and know where all the calls are coming from. This is crucial because you can determine which campaigns are working and which ones are not. This redirection of marketing dollars to what works will more then cover the cost of the service.
Yes, Caller Insight is only a few cents more than a typical toll free number and you reduce these wasteful liabilities:
  • Missed Call Cost: This is how much revenue your company loses by missing sales opportunities by missing phone calls & not knowing they ever called.
  • Inefficient Advertising Cost: The cost of your advertising that doesn’t perform up to par is not just the money it cost you, it’s also the sales you miss as a result of taking that money from other better performing advertising channels.
  • Apathetic Employee Cost: This is something that few businesses measure cause they can’t, but surveys show that most customers stop doing business with a company because of a employee that has a poor or apathetic attitude. Call tracking will record your calls, so you can review, coach, discipline, and train with real examples.
  • Unhappy Sales Rep Cost: By not optimizing your advertising you may have sales people quit. The hidden cost in a quitting sales rep is not only lost current and future sales, but the training, hiring, and sales pipeline ramp up costs associated with growing a sales force.
If you drop a 50,000 piece mailer, you need to know who called and when. This is because your cost per call could be as high as $80 to $100. So each call is worth $100. Therefore each dropped call, or missed call is a complete loss. Knowing who called and when is crucial to maximizing the results of any advertising campaign.
Caller Insight is very easy and simple to use. Most say we have the most simple and user friendly setup. Only use the features you want to use.
Yes, you can port toll free or local numbers to or from our service.
No, we offer Month to Month service because we are confident in our service.
We have local numbers in most areas of the United States. Call us to verify that we have numbers in your area. A $3 one time setup fee applies to local numbers.

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Available Call Tracking Price Plans

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$49per month
$99per month
$249per month
$499per month

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We offer a 30 day free trial of our Caller Insight Call Tracking service as a way for potential customers like yourself to evaluate our service in a real world use test. This free trial consists of the following:

1. A Call Tracking Account Valid for 30 days
2. 150 minutes worth of talk time to actually use a tracking number
3. One toll free number to test the service with.

*** All that we ask is that you provide us with legitimate contact information when you sign up. Your email will be verified by the system before access is granted.